Have you ever wondered how you got to be doing the job that feeds your family today? Was it good planning or just luck  -happenstance? The plans that you made way back when, don’t always play out in reality. The vastitudes of fortune (good and bad) often constitute major turning points in your career. A Professional Coach will work with you to identify those turning points and how to utilise them to your advantage.

Coaches assist their clients go back to square one – back to basics – to help them identify what they wanted to be when they “grew up”. Powerful conversations around what these possibilities were contribute to clients discovering their real passion, and identifying their career goals.

Once these career goals are identified, coaches help clients learn to recognise and embrace opportunities as they arise in the workplace or in their local communities – opportunities which will broaden their horizon, give them new perspectives and assist them make that important decision about what’s the next step.

Having gained new skills or experience, clients can then demonstrate to others (manager, supervisor, recruiter) that they have the ability to deliver on results with outstanding performance – performance which they are proud to put on their resume for all to see.

Engaging a Professional Coach to help you identify the avenues for your career advancement is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the coming year. Better still, why not become a Professional Coach yourself?

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