Why managers and leaders should develop a coaching leadership style

by | May 29, 2019 | Blog |
Read this article to learn why managers and leaders need to develop a coaching and leadership style and how it could make an organisation achieve wonders

Managing people is a challenging job to do. You have to keep them motivated and give them reasons to perform their tasks with excellence while enhancing their talents and capabilities at the same time. Developing a leadership style such as a coaching leadership style is the best way to direct and lead them to that kind of excellence. Read through the article and find out why managers and leaders like you should adopt a coaching leadership style.

What’s good about a coaching leadership style?

Unlike most leadership styles where the leader does all the decision making, a coaching leadership style has a a coaching leader who takes the lead to get the best out of his or her employees or team.

• A coaching leadership style hones the abilities, skills and competencies of employees. A coaching leader also has the ability to identify what skills, abilities and competencies their people need to develop for them to improve in their overall performance.

• In a coaching leadership style, the coaching leader lets his/her direct reports do their tasks independently but gives them the experience of guidance and support at the same time. By doing this, the coaching leader develops their employees’ sense of competence as well as independence, resulting in an improved self-belief and confidence.

• A coaching leadership style reduces stress and pressure amongst employees because this style of leadership promotes interdependence as well as independence so that they feel more in control of their tasks and of their own collective growth.

• The weaknesses and struggles that employees may have will immediately and properly be addressed as the coaching leader monitors their performance on a regular basis. S/he guides them to develop and implement a course of action to address these struggles and weaknesses, and learn from them.

• In a coaching leadership style, the coaching leader identifies the motivations of his or her employees and understands and empathises with them. Through this, they’ll become more involved with their tasks and more motivated to work to the best of their potential.

• Employees will feel more valued and engaged with the organisation because their coaching leader is paying attention to their needs and concerns. The vision, direction and goals of the organisation will eventually become theirs. Their commitment and loyalty will increase.

• The coaching leadership style has been shown to be effective in developing managers and leaders’ self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. In addition, the coaching leadership style has been significantly correlated with the development of a positive organisational culture.

Adopting a coaching leadership style has been found to deliver significant benefits to employees and organisations including enhanced leadership development, increased job satisfaction, improved motivation and work performance, and improved interpersonal and team relationships.

Research has shown that organisations adopting a coaching leadership style have improved work performance and an increased success rate of bringing in their projects on time and to budget. Their workplace morale improves because their employees are working happily knowing that they are truly valued and have the opportunity to grow. Such organisations tend to promote from within rather than seeking to recruit new staff from the external marketplace.

How about you? Do you want to improve your organisation’s performance? Do you desire to develop emotionally intelligent leaders in your organisation? Maybe it’s time for you to adopt a coaching leadership style?

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