Truly listening to others is a learned craft. We’re not just born with this skill; on the contrary, we’re born with the impulse to respond immediately as soon as the next thought pops into our head. Over the years we may learn to curtail our enthusiasm to jump in whilst the other person is speaking, but this restraint takes time and practice to acquire, which is what you learn when you train to become a Professional Coach. Listening, reflecting, summarising and goal setting are all the skills that you learn on this journey. Is it your goal to become a Professional Coach?

Goal setting is the result of a collaborative conversation in which the coach listens and works with clients as they delve deep inside to uncover what they truly want in life – those mysterious desires that may have lain dormant for so long! Life, other people, and the expectations of family and friends, have all contributed to where they are now – but is this where they want to be? And of course, such desires may change over time as a result of references and experience. The things that they treasured and desired then, may not be the same as those that they desire now. Turning goals into action plans will reveal the depth of their commitment to each goal.

Action planning cements desires into the reality of what’s possible and lays bare the challenges to get there. What do clients have to do to get to where they want to be? Who is best positioned to assist and support them? What resources do they need along the way (physical, mental and emotional)? Coaches work with all these elements to help clients take that first step along their path of discovery.

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