Want a better lifestyle?

by | May 11, 2017 | Blog |

better lifestyle

What occupation gives you a better lifestyle, with more time for yourself and your family?

Becoming a Professional Coach sets you up for a lifestyle where you choose who, when and where you coach. Imagine spending time with your best friends. It’s like that. You spend your days in the company of people whom you like and respect – people who excite and uplift you, as you assist them in a similar way. You feel their joy and help them to temper their pain, until there comes a time when the pain goes away and is replaced by positive thoughts and solutions for moving ahead.

As a Professional Coach you set your own hours of work to fit in with family and other commitments. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like work. You are doing what you love, and engaging with the best of friends. How difficult can that be? Not at all! And the upside is that you have more time for doing things with family that you couldn’t do as an employee, for example; attend the sports day at your kid’s school; volunteer to look after a stall at the upcoming jumble sale; support the local candidate in the upcoming council elections. These are examples of activities in which you can contribute to those you love and care for, in relation to issues that you care about. Surely you would like more time to engage in such activities?

As a Professional Coach you can either leave employment completely, or gradually transition from employment into running your own business, developing a second income right from your own living room or from the coffee shop down the road as you make the transition. It’s empowering to think that you have this choice, whereas before you felt tied to a job with no realistic prospects for the future. Now you can use all your knowledge, and skills, and experience, to help others. You have so many life experiences to share with others – so many opportunities to turn around the lives of others in a very positive way. Becoming a Professional Coach will show you how living the life you have dreamed of, can come true.

Becoming a Professional Coach gives you the freedom to live anywhere and work anytime. You choose your own hours and how many hours you want to devote to your craft each week. And you also get to take those holidays you have been planning to enjoy with the family, including every school holidays. How good is that!

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