Thinking about a new career or business?

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Blog |

new career

• Do you love working with people?
• Do you have a lot to offer that is not being recognised?

Then you should consider a career as a Professional Coach! Professional Coaches work with individuals and teams to help them:

• gain insight and self-awareness of their current situation;
• identify their needs or problems which are holding them back;
• goal set, action plan and motivate them until they achieve their desired future.

Professional Coaches use their existing strengths and expertise to guide clients towards their new future or career. Professional Coaches work as:

Life Coaches who assist individuals gain clarity and direction, improve relationships and communication with others, and help people achieve their desired goals.

Business Coaches who work with business owners, managers and supervisors to increase the number of customers, improve staff skills and maintain a healthy profit.

Leadership Coaches who work internal to an organisation as a line manager or HR professional, coaching employees towards greater job satisfaction, improved team relations and peak performance.

Executive Coaches who work in their own business and provide external coaching services to C-suite executives and managers. They have the required level of corporate experience to be a ‘sounding-board’ to executives who need to make tough decisions in complex and uncertain environments.

If you are considering a change in your professional circumstances – be that changing jobs, seeking that next promotion, or working for yourself with more time for yourself and family – call us to arrange a complimentary 10 minute strategy session to clarify your future.