Coaching offers many benefits to individuals, teams and organisations. At a personal level, individuals who are coached develop a greater awareness of their situation and what they need. They see things in a different light, just by having the opportunity to speak with someone who listens to them and who cares about what happens in their life. Hence one of the biggest benefits that clients report from coaching is that there’s someone who is objective, listening to their story and not judging them! The coach acts as a sounding-board to help them come to terms with what’s happening in their life, as well as the part they have played in co-creating their situation.

A second major benefit of coaching is that clients learn how to start resolving problems for themselves as part of their personal development. They gain feedback on what they are doing right, and reinforcement for the positive aspects of their life, as a way of moving forward. The coach works with clients to help them improve their communication with others and develop better interpersonal relationships. It may be that clients need to become more assertive in relation to their needs, and the coach shows them how to do this in a way that will bring about positive effects rather than negative consequences. It may be that the client is experiencing conflict with another person, and the coach works with them to develop better strategies which they can use to resolve situations more amicably. It may be that the client is experiencing great stress, and the coach helps them to alter the situation in which they find themselves or change their reaction to the stressor, so they can get on with their life.

For all these reasons, coaching can have a significant, and at times profound, effect on the lives of clients and those around them. If you would like to contribute more to your family, your work, your community, contact us to find out how to become a Professional Coach, working your own hours, in your own time, with clients that you love.