The Increasing Demand for Well-informed, Evidence Based Coaches

February 18, 2020

AIPC The increasing demand for well-informed, evidence based coaches

One of Professor Tony Grant’s recent writings about the need for evidenced-based coach-training.

“…has placed pressure on coach training organisations to deliver coach training that is solidly based on good research. In many ways this is the key to the continued development of an evidence-based coaching industry. Whilst some individuals may transition into being a professional coach without any training whatsoever, the vast majority of professional coaches will undertake some kind of coach training or professional development, even if that is only as a means of establishing professional credibility. Thus, training providers and educational institutions will have a major role to play in delivering evidence based coach training … [because this] is vital if we are to produce the next generation of well educated coaches: Coaches who are committed to the intelligent and conscientious use of relevant and best current knowledge, and integrating that with solid practitioner expertise when delivering coaching services”.

Grant, A. (2016). Coaching as evidence-based practice: The view through a multiple-perspective model of coaching research. In T. Bachkirova, G. Spence, & D. Drake (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Coaching (pp. 62-83). London: SAGE.