Success Story: DJ

My name is DJ, and achieving my Diploma in Executive Coaching is the pinnacle of a fourteen (14) year journey to where I am today. In September 2001, I started a modest Personal Training Studio, equipped with a Cert III in Fitness, a hired gym in a Hotel and a head full of ideas that I was going to save the world. I learned very quickly that knowledge is my most powerful commodity, not being Buff or having the best equipment. My Clients came to me, not for the same training they could get elsewhere, but for the training they got from inside my head. I always under promised and over delivered, and remembering the names of clients’ kids (and even their pets) was equally as important to them as how they felt in their sessions. In 2003 I opened a Public Gym. I had two (2) competitors in town who offered what I offered. We had 2000 members for almost all of the gym’s existence – which was really strange, because its capacity was 56 people. I learned from this, that people have a need to belong, they have a need to be a part of something that shapes their lives, and they have a need to feel satisfied about their needs being addressed. Most of our members only came in to the gym to renew their memberships once per year. I went back to Personal Training in 2008 and stepped up to a Cert IV in Fitness, due to some major life changes, and applied the same principles to this Business. Guess what? Success once again. In August 2011, I accepted a position with a Company as their HR, OHS and Training Manager. I attained a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and a Diploma in OHS as a part of my tenure. I am still working at the same place, but now with my Executive Coaching Diploma, I sit beside the C.E.O. as his Business Coach. As I mentioned earlier, knowledge is powerful (and very portable). I am about to crank my own Consulting / Coaching Business up, using all that I have learned over the years, but more importantly, armed with the Diploma I achieved at AIPC. My theory is this: “You can only sell goods once, but you can sell knowledge infinitely”. Stand back 2016, I have that all important certification that says I know what it takes to be successful, and I can bring you along if you like? My Business motto is: “Success for yourself, but not by yourself”. With all the options we have with training, I will study again with AIPC without hesitation. They are professional, thorough, cost effective and leaders in their field. Happy studies :-}


Diploma in Executive Coaching Graduate