What are you planning to study this year – formal education, informal learning, on the job training? All these avenues for advancement are open to you. It’s about choosing the right one for your purpose. Do you want to learn more and grow more, or have you identified a specific job that you would like to move into? A Professional Coach will work with you to discover the next career step for you.

Depending on your purpose you will have researched possible options including the course content, start dates and duration. Does all this meet your needs? In our fast-paced economy, getting to your target, as soon as possible, is imperative. In the work environment you are being encouraged to do more with less; hence there are only so many hours available in the day to study. You want to make sure that you are being realistic about your ability to complete your chosen course of study without too much imposition on your life and work.

Choosing the right course of study that will meet your purpose (promotion, career advancement, skills development) is important, since this choice will set you on your future career path for the years ahead. Although it will take ongoing dedication and commitment on your part, committing to a course of study will be immensely rewarding in the end – personally, professionally and financially.

When you are sure of yourself, know what you want, and where you are going, you are in a great position to know and influence others, and take them along with you on your journey, or share their journey with them. You will be each other’s support crew for the duration, assisting on the sidelines and cheering each other on at every turn. Embrace members of your team who are on this journey with you, use their skills and value their support. They will be your rock during the sometimes difficult moments when you need the support and assistance of a friend.

Engaging a Professional Coach to help you identify your career goals and how to get there is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the coming year. Better still, why not become a Professional Coach yourself? Find out more about becoming a Professional Coach with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. Visit us at www.professionalcoachtraining.com.au or call us on 1300 309 360