Study at your own pace, in your own time

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study at your own pace

What coach training school allows you to study online, in your own time, at your own pace, with expert tuition and assistance within 24 hours?

The Australian Institute of Professional Coaches does!

Learning how to become a Professional Coach is a course that is conducted completely online. There’s no need to attend any classes, do any group work or access additional resources. Everything is provided for you. You interact with our team of expert Instructors to learn how to coach and get specific feedback on your coaching skills.

However if you are the kind of person who likes face-to-face interaction with others, workshops are available as an additional option to your online study. Online learning is the biggest innovation in educational learning in the last decade. Take advantage of the ease of access to our web-based instructional platform, learning resources and immediate assessment feedback.

Call us on 1300 309 360 for a confidential discussion on how online learning can enable you to become a Professional Coach from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You’ll be so glad you did!