Professional Coach Training Program


Become a Professional, Life, Leadership or Executive Coach and gain your coaching qualification in just 5 days!*

Places are limited.

For the first 5 registrants, your accommodation is FREE!


Professional Coach Training Program

Attend the Professional Coach Training Program in Brisbane or Perth and receive expert tuition from our experienced instructors who will share their journey with you. Read the learning materials before hand, attend the intensive program and be prepared to participate in very practical, hand-on sessions to gain and improve your coaching skills. For some people, finding time to continue your personal and professional development is hard. There’s always issues at work which require your attention and distract you from the things you really want to do. Here’s an opportunity for you to leave work behind and focus on what you want to achieve, for yourself and your career or business. Perfecting your coaching expertise in just 5/ 3 days means that you can return to work confident in the knowledge that you understand yourself and others better, and have the skills to coach others towards greater self-awareness and insight, more effective problem-solving ability, and achievement of their goals with increased motivation and commitment. In addition, you can immediately use your coaching skills to communicate more effectively, build collaborative and supportive relationships more quickly, and network more easily with others in your work, personal and professional communities.

Venue & accommodation

In Brisbane, the Professional Coach Training Program is conducted on the northside -a short 20 minute drive from the Brisbane Airport. You fly in on Monday morning, and return to the Airport on Friday for your journey home. Limited accommodation is available onsite at a reduced fee. In Perth, the Professional CoachTraining Program is conducted in the CBD Wednesday –Friday. You attend daily and become immersed in coaching practice. You gain immediate feedback on your coaching which builds your confidence to coach. You learn about how to use specific NLP skills in your coaching practice.

Your investment

This workshop facilitation is a BONUS when you pay upfront for your course. You just need to pay for your travel and accommodation. Otherwise a per-day fee applies.

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