Consultant and Trainer of Extended DISC and FinxS Accreditation

A specialist course delivered by our partners at People Builders

Extended DISC® is a suite of online assessment tools that provide you with crucial information to maximise the performance of your clients. Now you can get certified to use these tools through our strategic partnership with Grant Herbert from People Builders.

95% of success in every endeavour comes from our ability to read and understand people. As a business coach, life coach, executive coach, leadership coach, sales coach or wellness coach, you will have helped many people with their processes and systems on how to better run their business and personal lives.

Day 1 of Accreditation Training:

The focus of this programme is the background and theory of Extended DISC as well as an in-depth understanding the four basic styles and interpretation of Behavioural Analysis Reports in depth. We cover communication, motivators, strengths, development areas, stress, conflict, decision making, teams and management styles in preparation for Day 2 where we look into a more advanced interpretation and link the knowledge we learnt.

Day 2 of Accreditation Training:

The focus of this programme is primarily understanding the deeper levels that can be interpreted in the Profiles (graphs) – emotions like Helplessness, Uncertainty of Role, Pressure and many more (not written in the report) that can be a great starting point for in-depth discussions with clients. We take a look at and get a better understanding the new FINXS platform which enables fully customised, flexible and co-branded reports to be produced using over 700+ competencies. The programme also takes a more in-depth approach of the FINXS Team Analysis and talk about the natural Team Roles of the styles as well as team breakdowns/gaps and recruitment.  Case studies are used to help real time learning and interpretation. The course also looks at our Open 360, Survey Reports and the Logic and Reasoning Tests.

The total investment for the 2 day course is $2995 AUD and includes:

• Your own personal Behavioural Analysis using the FinxS platform

•  Lifetime Training and Technical Support from your Master Trainer and Extended DISC

•  An extensive library of PowerPoint presentations and promotional materials

•  Full set of Extended DISC and FinxS Tools and User Manuals

• Your own online portal and client answering interface

•  Regular online updates of the latest case study results and developments