Diploma of Professional Coaching

Diploma designed to help you grow a professional coaching practice and gain recognition from the International Coach Federation.
Approved by the International Coach  Federation so you can apply for  membership when you graduate and complete the required hours of coaching. • Eight units of study, including an understanding of human behaviour and what motivates clients to change. • Self-paced so you can complete the course in 6-12months-or even less time if you devote more than 5-6 hours per week to your studies. • Delivered online via workbooks,videos and webinars at your convenience. Workshop option is available. • Focused on you –your very own personalised approach to help you uncover your goals and dreams, and ways to achieve them. • Focused on how to become a Professional Coach –coaching ethically and responsibly to international standards. • Skilling you with 12 specific Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help you build rapid rapport with clients, communicate more effectively and build better relationships. • Student support24/7via email and phone. • Assigned your own Coach / Mentor for the duration of the course. • Hours of practical, hands-on,coach instruction and personal coaching feedback to develop your coaching skills and help you learn how to coach ethically and responsibly to international standards.
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Payment plans are available – see Course Information Guide