Leader as Coach Training Program



As organisations begin to realise the value of their human capital and take steps to create a coaching culture, leaders are expected to have coaching skills and be able to coach their direct reports and others in the organisation. Applicants to leadership positions are viewed more favourably when they have coaching credentials. The Australian Institute of Professional Coaches has responded to this need for leaders to be trained in coaching skills by introducing a 5-day Leader as Coach workshop which trains emerging and existing leaders in coaching skills, outlines the coaching process, and provides ample opportunity for participants to practice their coaching skills and gain immediate feedback for improvement. Alternatively you may be a HR professional wishing to gain formal coaching skills to use in your support of business leaders, or you may be a current or aspiring Internal Coach seeking to enhance your existing skills and network with like-minded people.

The Leader as Coach training program is delivered over 5 days in Brisbane in our dedicated training room, plus on-site for member organisations as negotiated. The program is a very practical, hands-on way to gain coaching skills which you then take back to your workplace and use to conduct coaching conversations with your direct reports, peers and others. Contact us for an outline of the week’s agenda.

Organisations which send multiple participants to the Leader as Coach training program, or who engage AIPC to conduct an on-site workshop, will be assisted to develop and maintain Coaching Circles as a means of reinforcing coaching skills and coaching practice for a period of 6 months post-program, or as otherwise negotiated, for a small fee.