How to develop a Coaching Culture in Organisations



What is a coaching culture? Many of us know what coaching is, but few are acquainted with the term “coaching culture”. Here’s a definition from some interviews conducted recently with organisational leaders:

“A coaching culture exists when ”coaching is just seen to be a normal part of work. It’s not something special. You don’t go to be coached. You experience coaching through the course of your everyday interactions with your peers and with your manager at whatever level your peers and manager are.”

And there’s an element of what the organisation needs to do too:

“The business recognises that (coaching) is a part of the DNA of the organisation. And with that, it’s about being able to provide the infrastructure to support it as well…and that infrastructure could consist of having access to the right development tools, having access to resources or people, whom they could call upon for any support that they need.”

So developing a coaching culture is about the people in the organisation – what they do, how they do it, how they behave – and the support that the organisation needs to provide to make it all happen.

This one-day workshop introduces organisational decision-makers to the latest research in how organisations develop a coaching culture and why they would want to do so. The approach that leads to successful cultural change throughout the organisation is outlined. You will discover if this approach is right for your organisation and how to go about setting the scene for coaching to commence, or continue, within a cultural change framework.

Coaching is a skillset that is increasingly being adopted by leaders in organisations as a means to deliver behavioural change, improved performance and the retention of talent. As leaders practice coaching their direct reports and others in the organisation, they become more confident in their ability to bring about a more unified and empowered workforce, thoroughly committed to achieving the organisation’s goals. The development of a coaching culture evolves through several stages over a period of at least 12 months and more often, 3 years. The senior team is engaged and committed. The next level down is coached. Leaders are trained in coaching skills. Coaching practice instigates behavioural change which leads to better communication and relationships, and improved performance. And there’s more… which you will learn about in the workshop.

By the end of this workshop you will have identified if developing a coaching culture is the best way for your organisation to bring about the desired changes and improvements that you are looking for to meet your current and future business needs. You will have determined how far into the process your organisation currently is, and what the organisation must do to continue the journey. In addition, you will have discovered the essential precursors of developing a coaching culture, and the key elements that make for a successful transition to the planned cultural change.