The moment you enrol in your course you will receive:

• Printable Workbooks for all the learning materials.

• Video recordings of each unit of study as a tutorial focused on helping you gain a better understanding of the key concepts and how they relate to coaching.

• Login details to our eLearning platform where you complete your assessments, many of which combine to form your Coaching Toolkit.

• Webinars for each unit of study to support your learning – interactive discussions on the key concepts and how these apply to the coaching process.

•  24/7 Education Support from our dedicated Education Team throughout the entire course.

•  Hours of practical coach instruction and personal coaching feedback to develop your coaching skills and learn how to coach ethically and responsibly.

•  Ongoing Business and Marketing support to help you identify your client market and grow your business.

•  Bonus Business and Marketing Resources to support you develop and grow your client base.

•  Bonus monthly webinars to personally develop your social and emotional intelligence and that of your clients.

Plus you receive:

> Student Membership of the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches whilst you are studying.

> Invitations to attend Professional Development events where you can learn more and network with other students and existing Professional Coaches.