Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a rapidly emerging phenomenon in the business world. No matter what industry you work in or whatever management position you hold, you are a leader in that business and your employees look to you for inspirational leadership, teamwork, collaboration and support. The organisation looks to you to deliver on business goals and develop its talent for the future success of the firm.

Leadership coaching is the process whereby a leader coaches his/her direct reports and potentially others in the organisation to help them achieve peak performance and exceptional business outcomes. This assists employees to meet their business targets and secure lucrative bonuses. It assists the team meet or exceed its business targets and become award-wining in the eyes of organisational leaders. It means that the business succeeds which ensures its sustainability in what is increasingly a global marketplace.

Coaching employees has been found to have enormous benefits at the individual, team and organisational levels. Individual coaching brings about behavioural change, which is reflected in improved interpersonal and relationship skills (the “soft skills”) and well as in individual motivation, commitment and satisfaction with the job, as evidenced by performance improvement and personal growth. Teamwork is enriched by improved communication, collaboration and coordination. The organisation benefits when feedback and coaching conversations occur on a daily basis to support the sharing of information, consideration of ideas for exploratory or exploitative innovation, and the successful management of the human elements related to the implementation of change initiatives.

For all these reasons, organisations are beginning to realise the value that coaching can bring to their bottom line, talent management and succession planning. They are starting to make coaching the topic of conversation in Board rooms and Senior Management meetings. They are starting to clarify the purpose of coaching within their organisation and determine the way that the benefits of coaching will be captured to ensure a significant return on investment, and they are starting to make coaching a priority to support business functions across all levels and areas of the organisation.

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