Yes it’s that time of year again! My, how it comes around so fast. Plenty to do to finish off the year and never enough time to do it all in! I know the feeling.

However I would encourage you, as the year draws to a close, to take a few moments to review how things have gone for you this year. What have you achieved? What have you discovered about yourself and others? What have you contributed to the world? Whether it’s big or small, now’s the time to celebrate the wins! Every step counts, and takes us forward to where we are meant to be.

From an AIPC perspective we have kicked a few major goals this year, principally the
establishment and consolidation of the new business entity – the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches – which has grown out of our other two entities to be bigger and more meaningful to our students and graduates, especially with the help and dedication of our strategic partner, Grant Herbert, from the People Builders. Grant has been a rock, providing support as needed and then some … thanks so much for all your assistance to us this year, Grant.

From an ICF perspective, Austin Parry has been in our thoughts as he embraces a new life and lifestyle. We wish you every happiness in the future!¬†Our thanks also go to our Instructors, Guy Thornycroft and Paula McSporran, and all our loyal supporters, who have continued to believe in our product and what we are trying to achieve as an Institute, contributing to life’s betterment for the many people we touch.

And of course, our biggest achievement this year, which will now enable all the rest to follow, has been the accreditation of the Diploma of Life Coaching and our impending partnership with our Registered Training Organisation which can offer VET Fee-Help to potential students. It’s been a long time coming and our persistence has paid off – testament to our belief in the delivery of a quality coaching product and an exceptional educational experience for our students.

From all of us at the AIPC, we wish you and your family a joyous and festive Christmas and New Year,

Susanne Knowles
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Professional Coaches