From CEO or Senior Executive into Executive Coach

You are a CEO or Senior Executive who has spent the past X years working in large national or international companies. Your field of expertise may vary from project management, business development, investor funding, human resource management, sales and marketing etc. No-matter what your field of expertise, you have reached the top of your profession and now want to use your skills and experience to help others, whilst at the same time gaining some real benefits for yourself. Benefits like:

  • Working your own hours – and fewer hours!
  • Enjoying a better lifestyle and work/life balance
  • ‘Giving back’ to others in the industry

These benefits and more, await you in your career as an Executive Coach. You may end up working back into your previous organisation, or as an external Executive Coach to others in related businesses.

People who want to be coached at this level seek a coach whom they know and respect – someone with whom they have a relationship and who has great credibility within the industry. Not that you have to stick to coaching within your industry, because coaching is a skill that can be applied within any industry. In fact, some of the very best coaches work ‘content-free’ – not knowing that particular industry or the people in it. In this way you are not committed to any particular way of doing things and can ask the ‘silly questions’ which often bring about whole new worlds of possibility.

This is the role of the Executive Coach. To be a sounding-board to CEOs and Senior Executives as they do the best they know how. To be a confidante when things get tough. To hold their confidences and encourage them to make the hard decisions. To support and motivate them when they are down.

Your role as an Executive Coach is a privileged one. You see people sometimes at their very lowest, when they feel they can give no more, decide no more, feel no more. You are the one they turn to, to ‘kick-start’ them again, to take action which will get them back ‘on top’. You are there to inspire and motive them to be the inspirational leaders that they truly are.

Is this you? Are you the kind of person who will accept the challenge to be there for CEOs and Senior Executive no matter what? If you are, then contact us to learn how you can acquire the knowledge and develop the skills of an Executive Coach.