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Professional coaching is results-orientated process whereby a Coach works with an individual or group to help them achieve their goals and bring about their desired change.

These individuals or groups are usually well-functioning in their daily life and they just want to do or achieve even better outcomes in specific areas. There are no major dramas or traumas impacting on them at that point in time. Coaches work with their present and future desired scenarios.

Professional coaching covers all the core areas of a person’s life and work– family, career, health, wellness, social belonging, communication, conflict resolution, time management. We encourage you to work within your area of expertise.

The coaching process expands the client’s knowledge and skills. They discover their own solutions to their problems in a supportive, facilitative environment with their Professional Coach.

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There are various types of Coaches:

  • Life Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Executive Coaches

No-matter what type of Coach you aspire to become, all Professional Coaches need to be people-oriented persons and have people-skills.

The ‘people-skills’ that Coaches have are really the specific skills related to coaching. These include:

  • Listening & Reflecting
  • Summarising
  • Guiding , Supporting & Motivating
  • Goal setting & Action Planning

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