Develop a Coaching Culture

Looking to develop a Coaching Culture within your organisation? Then look no further.


Professional Members Coaches of the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches are highly qualified and experienced graduates who can deliver coaching services in your state to develop your Line Managers into Inspirational Leaders.

We work with you to identify your needs and concerns, and then design a program of leadership development to meet your needs.

Our Professional Coach Members can deliver a training program to qualify your talented Line Manager, HR Professionals and others with extreme potential into Inspirational Leasers who inspire and motive everyone they touch into peak performance.

We can also recommend to you Executive Coaches to work with your CEO and senior Executives in individual coaching or group sessions to help them identify areas of ‘rub’ that need to be smoothed out, barriers to be overcome and how to do just that!

Issues that Executive Coaches typically work with their clients to address include:

  • ‘Sounding –board’ for major decisions
  • Issues relation to conflict with direct reports, colleagues or Board members
  • Feeling unsupported by senior managers / Board
  • Lack of direction or leadership
  • Not being included in decision making
  • Communication problems
  • Stress from overwork or too much change
  • Their role keeps changing
  • Feeling ‘on the outer’ -ideas falling on deaf ears
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated

When you engage a Professional Coach he or she will discuss with you how leadership and executive coaching works, what you can expect, and how much it will cost. Then it’s up to you to decide if you would like to proceed. Is that fair?