Everyone wants a better lifestyle – more time for family and friends, more time for themselves. But work and other commitments get in the way. We always say “mañana” – we’ll get to it tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. So people stay in the same old rut, day after day, year after year. Even with the best of intentions, nothing different happens! Until the person decides to do something about it – like set a goal and work towards it – their life will go on as before with everything just the same.

If you are the kind of person who is sceptical about “new-fangled” things, you probably tell yourself that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or that no one can help you overcome the rut that you are in. That’s just the way life was meant to be – boring and unfulfilling. But that’s not exactly true!

Life was meant to be easy! Life was meant to be fun! Life was meant to be happy and sometimes new and exciting. Sadly, for sceptical people, it’s not!

You may have tried being positive– becoming a bit more “upbeat” with family and friends. But then life came along and knocked you back down to reality! Not just once but many times. So you decided to go back to being critical about life and the cards it has dealt you. So having tried being positive (and “failed”), if you are to succeed next time you need to find a better way to “do positive”, If you are going to move on, for the better, the first thing you need to do is to turn away from the negative people who surround you, and make friends with a different group of people who can lift you up and support you. This is exactly what a professional coach is trained to do – guide you into finding a new and fulfilling direction with support from new and exciting people. Let me give you an example.

Gerry was a builder in his later years. He was good at what he did and earned good money – until he had the accident. Then his world came tumbling down – when he heard that he could never work in his trade again. What was he to do? How would he feed his family? Against his better judgment he went to see a friend of a friend who was a professional coach – just to satisfy his wife, you understand. Rather than a stuffy clinical professional in a white coat, he found a pleasant, approachable person whom he could talk to, who seemed to understand his scepticism and why he came to coaching because his wife told him to … or else. They chatted… he talked …. the coach listened … and Gerry discovered that it was not so bad, this coaching thing. Easy, really. So perhaps he might come again to another coaching session? After all, it couldn’t do him any harm.

How about you? Will you give coaching a go?

Motivating Clients to Change