Has anyone ever come to you seeking advice about a problem that they have? What did you do? Did you give them advice? And what was the outcome? Was the situation resolved, or did your advice make it worse? This kind of situation happens all the time. You might be at work, or at the local footy match, and someone comes up to you and you get talking. Without your even knowing it, you get into an informal coaching session. Sound familiar?

People coach others informally all the time, without any real knowledge of what coaching is and how coaching works. Even with the very best of intentions, coaches who are not trained professionally may be causing more harm than good by reinforcing existing, often negative or ineffective, beliefs and behaviours. There is a common misconception that anyone can coach, which is at the very least erroneous and in some cases, can be dangerous if it leads to judging others, reinforcing blame, abrogating responsibility, and not holding people accountability for their actions.

For all these reasons, if you are the kind of person whom others approach on a routine basis for help and support, you should consider becoming professionally trained as a coach. In this way you’ll know what to say and how to go about helping other people resolve their situation and achieve a positive outcome. Otherwise you could be giving advice that worked for you but won’t work for them because of their situation or need.

When you train to become a professional coach you will learn about people and what motivates them to change. You will learn about yourself too, and what triggers your emotions and reactions, plus how to handle these situations better. You will learn how to listen actively and reflectively, being totally present with the client, whilst withholding judgement and blame. You will be there for your client, on their journey to self-awareness and discovery. As you coach and go through the coaching steps, you will suddenly see “the lights go on” for your client. You will witness the “Ah-ha” moment when all becomes crystal clear to them what they need to do next. You will celebrate with them as they create that compelling future that drives them forward into the next stage of their life.

The Australian Institute of Professional Coaches has coach-specific training courses that have been comprehensively developed based on rigorous research into the skills and competencies that coaches need to address the issues that clients bring to them in relation to home, work and life in general. We have expert Coach Instructors with extensive coaching and industry experience who translate the learning materials into real-life coaching practice. We provide post-graduation support to ensure that you are supported in the first 12 months as you begin your coaching practice. Professional, practical, post-graduation coach-specific training and support is what the AIPC can provide for you.

The Coaching Process