Our Graduates

Our graduates come from all walks of life. They are parents, retail assistants, massage therapists, hairdressers, daycare providers, business owners, accountants, line managers, training managers, HR professionals, senior executives and retired executives. They all have one thing in common – the desire to share their knowledge and skills to help others achieve their goals, live a happier life and make the world a better place.

They come from the heart and want to help others nurture and support that spirit which often lies dormant inside, waiting for the right person to come along and coach them so that they can find their true self.

They have much to offer, and experience joy from the simple knowledge that they have helped others succeed.

They want to live a more enriching life, giving back to the community which has helped and supported them to become the person whom they are today.

If you are considering becoming a coach, reach out to one of our graduates and experience what it is like to be coached and have your world take on new meaning and excitement.

Meet some of our graduates

Desré Arnold

Mobile: 0418 107 552

Email: desjoya5@gmail.com

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My name is Desre. I graduated with a Diploma in Life Coaching from the Australian Institute of Life Coaches in 2012. Since that time I’ve been working in my current position as a Clinical Nurse in a chronic disease team in Metro North Queensland Health. My background is in nursing and health education. I use my life coaching skills is to assist people develop the skills they already possess to achieve maximum health and wellness. The reason I decided to become a Life Coach was to maximise the benefits I can gain with clients to support them in achieving their goals. I enjoy being a Life Coach because I can see the changes that people make when they realise that they are capable of achieving their goals. The things that I have learnt about myself during the course are that I can achieve anything I set out to do and when I fail in anything I can look at it as a learning experience and move on. The things that I have learnt about other people is that they are capable of so much more than they think they are.










M: 0418 107 552

E: desjoya5@gmail.com


“Supportive and committed to helping us change our long-held beliefs about health” – Cliff, Retired Teacher “Empathetic about the challenges involved in making lifestyle changes and knowledgeable to give us good information about the consequences of not changing.” – Merril, Nurse

Shelley Garrett

Website: shelleygarrett.com.au

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Shelley Garrett is a personal Life Coach assisting people of all ages to achieve their goals, whether it be living a healthier lifestyle or realising their dreams.

Shelley would love to share your journey with becoming the best version of yourself and can help you to:

 Gain confidence

 Set goals

 Lower stress

 Conquer your fears

 Be happy!

After 15 years in the retail industry, including running at a Management level, Shelley returned to her hometown of Renmark to pursue her interest in working with the community, particularly young people. After completing her Certificate IV in Community Service and Youth Work, Shelley successfully gained employment in her chosen field.

Now, six years on and after being successful with a Diploma in Life Coaching, Shelley would like to extend her skills and knowledge to the wider community by offering individual coaching, workshops or even one-off sessions, whatever suits your needs.

To contact Shelley, please visit her website at www.shelleygarrett.com.au.

Sue Gibbons

Mobile: 0419 940 419

Email: suegibbons@sgec.com.au

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Sue Gibbons is a professional Life Coach whose background is in assisting many people to understand their unique systems or beliefs about themselves so that they can move forward and achieve personal empowerment. Sue has over 36 years working in many and varied industries: from public to private sector, local and state Governments, served in the Regular Army, and currently works within the Community Aged Care sector along with being an event organiser for two social groups within the GLBT community. This experience has given her the unique understanding of the many diverse situations and specific challenges people face in both their personal and professional lives. Sue is passionate about helping people to gain a better understanding of what drives their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is done by working with clients to help them identify their strengths (empowerment principles) and areas that need to be developed (what disempowers you) in order for them to realise that they can achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves that they desire. Through this supportive empowering coaching style, clients become more self-aware of their beliefs and values leading to greater empowerment and self-confidence. Sue is about to complete her Diploma in Life Coaching with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches, and will also soon become accredited with the International Coaching Federation; Social and Emotional Intelligence, and George Helou’s Empowerment Principles EP7 style of coaching. Sue offers mobile coaching services, workshops, private coaching and phone coaching for clients not living within the Perth Metropolitan area so give her a call to book your free coaching info session today.

Dora Stamatopoulos

Mobile: 0416 109 867

Email: dorastama@gmail.com

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Dora Stamatopoulos is a life coach who helps Cancer sufferers and survivors come to terms with their illness, deal with it and move forward. It’s the battle we didn’t choose and the hardest of all is the battle after……. Dora helps people see expanded possibilities for themselves, their lives, and careers. Doras’ deep appreciation for life’s transitions reveals the depth of which she has explored her own path as a mother, successful entrepreneur and professional coach. Through a sudden personal experience she found her life take a dramatic turn. She dropped her career and began a path of personal growth. Dora explored yoga and meditation and studied the art of Life Coaching. Drawn to connect with people, Dora offers a wide range of programs and services from Coaching, to Yoga and meditation. Prior to establishing her coaching business Dora went through Breast Cancer, was faced with having Osteoporosis due to the medication, had a scare with bowel cancer and suffered with depression. She is all too familiar with the surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, oral Medication, zometa treatment and depression. Dora came out on the other side feeling the need to help others deal with the same emotions and hurdles she had faced. In addition to Coaching Dora volunteers with the Cancer Councils’, Cancer Connect programme. Dora specializes in coaching Cancer sufferers and survivors to overcome their fear, cope with treatments and depression, deal with family and most importantly dealing with life after cancer. Dora is no stranger to the fear and depression associated with such a confronting disease. She spent years as an Operations Manager, Estimator, mother of two boys, a patient and a volunteer. As a volunteer she has guided many people to see the world of possibilities for a better life by seeing every individual’s potential, beauty, and magnificence — and translating those qualities into a more fulfilling life and career. Call me now for a FREE confidential discussion and To set up an appointment on 0416 109 867

Steve James

Mobile: 0407 452 739

Email: steve@stevejamesconsults.com

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Steve James is a professional business coach located in Sydney Australia. Whilst Steve is currently building his portfolio of businesses in the coaching space his overall business experience as a consultant is second to none and has a passion to help executives achieve their goals way beyond their current dreams. Steve has been an executive educator for over 7 years and in 2014 felt the natural progression from this space was to assist executives achieve their goals in a one to one environment. Steve offers a wide range of coaching programs and services from individual and group executive coaching to seminars and keynote speeches. Steve particular focus is the Advertising, Entertainment, Media, PR, Marketing and Academic sectors with a broader remit to support NFP executives. Steve holds a number of business degrees including an Executive MBA and Graduate Diploma Management, AGSM Sydney. Until early 2010, Steve was Head of Advertising, Marketing and Research for the commercial radio industry in Australia (8+ years). Prior to that, Steve has held senior management roles in media with ACP Magazines Sydney; was Group Marketing Manager – Olympic Games, News Limited; Marketing Manager, The Daily and Sunday Telegraphs and Marketing Manager, HWT Newspapers, Melbourne. Steve is a regular contributor to local and international journals, guest lecturer at many of the country’s leading universities and is a current member of the adjunct faculty at Sydney University (Unit Manager and Lecturer on their Masters of Marketing Program), AGSM (Lecturer in Marketing Strategy and Managerial Skills on their Executive MBA Program), University of Technology Sydney (Lecturer on their Masters Marketing and MBA Programs), ACU Sydney (Marketing and Management and Executive programs), Notre Dame University, Sydney Business School and Newcastle Business Schools Sydney (Lecturer in Marketing Strategy MBA Programs). Steve regularly facilitates management sessions internationally. Steve is passionate about adult education and looks forward to being able to support his clients achieve their goals in an ever changing and complex business world. Check out his website www.stevejamesconsults.com

Tess Hansen

Mobile: 0403 555 032

Email: tahansen87@gmail.com

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Welcome! My name is Tess.I am a life coach, spirit junkie and artist. If I could have a dinner party and invite three guests who inspire and influence me the most I would have to choose Oprah, Marina Ambramovic and Beyonce. I aim to be fierce, vulnerable, hard working, empowering, loving and one hundred percent true to who I really am in this life time. I want this for everyone. I specialise in coaching men and women to release fear and start living to their full potential. After graduating from university I looked around and saw no clear path, no definite outcome and no straightforward answers to any of my questions. I hated when people asked me “what next?” (it was the bane of my existence). I hated asking myself “what do I want?” (insert crickets chirping). I was afraid. I was afraid to make a wrong move. God forbid I make a mistake and not have it all together like the attractive celebrities I followed on social media. I didn’t want to let my family down and I didn’t want to be left behind. For six years I jumped from job to job and from goal to goal just to keep moving and to look like I was living a life. Each jump took time, money and effort and then it all left me feeling alone at the end, underwhelmed and desperate to get it right the next time. I created a vicious cycle for myself. I was asking all the wrong questions and looking in the completely wrong direction. After looking outwards, forwards and backwards with no solutions and no relief, there was no where else to turn except inward. It was there that I began to listen to my inner loving voice instead of the fleeting fearful voices in my head. I began to fully understand myself, life and the world. It was there that I was lead to become a qualified life coach It doesn’t have to be so complicated. It doesn’t have to be so stressful, anxious and depressing. Life is meant to be joyful, creative, abundant and loving. To start you need someone to ask you the right questions and for you to answer them by looking in the right direction. Inward. Then you can resolve your own woes and regain insight, power and freedom. For more information or to begin your life coaching sessions, please contact me below. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tess Hansen Coaching Bio

Barb Grundy

Mobile: 0408 190 591.

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Barb Grundy Bio

Barb Grundy is Managing Director of Sticky Executive & Leadership Coaching. Prior to taking up executive coaching on a professional basis, Barb ran a consultancy providing strategic communication advice; writing and editorial services; and scribing and recruitment services. Key clients included the Department of Communications (NBN); the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse; the Civil Aviation Safety Authority; the Australian Sports Commission; the Department of The Prime Minister and Cabinet; and the Department of Finance.

Prior to starting her consultancy in 2012, Barb had a long career as a senior executive in the Australian Public Service specialising in government communication.

Barb’s experience and understanding of the pressures facing senior executives and leaders, particularly in the public sector, means that she is very well placed to help her clients to set better defined goals, develop realistic strategies for achieving outcomes, and more effectively use their natural strengths and talents in their work and personal lives.

Barb offers a range of coaching programs and services for individuals and teams committed to developing their careers; improving performance; managing change; or dealing with challenging work issues.

Barb holds a Diploma of Executive Leadership Coaching; a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communications; and Bachelor of Arts in Management.

Carol Sutton

Mobile: 61401521120

Email: ckchartas@bigpond.com

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My name is Carol Sutton. I am almost 50 years old. I have worked in engineering all of my life. I have had two major career changes – one at 22 when I realised that the computers I wanted to design were already designing themselves, and one when I left engineering and went into coaching,2016-02-04_1444 reflecting a growing desire to help other people, outside of their normal sphere of influence, achieve their dreams. I have had two minor changes, one when I went into Strategic Consulting and one when I went into the private sector Operations Management. So as a ‘thriver’ of at least four career changes I am a Life Coach with practical experience of making career changes work without having to put the rest of your life on hold.

I have been on the receiving end of some very good coaching both informally and formally throughout my life. Coaching has always been part of what I do as a leader. I have practical experience of helping people develop professionally within the business and technical environments.

 Changing a career, whether forced on you or not, is scary as in most cases you need to earn money through that career to support a life style – I can offer strategies to help you transition so that there is no discernible drop in income.

 Changing careers usually means learning new things – I can offer strategies to help people get real experience that will help them get the right skills to do the new roles with the minimum of financial outlay.

Other than the 10% of my time that I spend working within the not-for-profit sector, I can help you with your career change or help you and your friends if you are having a changed forced on you.

Call me on 0401521120 to book a coaching session.

It’s always nice to hear your story.

Christine Aarons

Email: Christine-aarons@brandedme.com

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Professional Coach / Program Manager with specialised skill in Change Management / Project Management / Transformation

Christine Aarons Coaching BioChristine is a Professional Coach who helps people develop leadership skills in their workplace or in their personal lives. Christine has over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world, specializing in change, program and project management. Christine has a unique ability in guiding people through the change cycle when corporations introduce new technology, new methods of working or organizational change. Christine can also be of great value if an individual wants to make some changes in their personal life; she can help you grow into the person you want to be.

Today, Christine offers a wide range of coaching services, from individual and group coaching to change, program or project management in the workplace.

Deb Cassie

MobilDeb Cassie Bioe: 0421 989 156

Email: Wired4successnow@gmail.com

Website: wired4Successnowweebly.com

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Are you afraid of still feeling lost and going through life with no purpose? Do you feel like there is more to life then work and sleep? Do you get excited about a new direction but it just never seems to turn out how you dreamed it would.

Hi my name is Deb and I am your Life Coach here to help you discover why! Your world will become so much clearer, you will start to think differently about your situations and start to make changes. You won’t believe how quickly your life starts to turn around. If you are ready to step up and take control and make changes Life Coaching is for you. I am well known for getting results fast with my clients. Blame and excuses are not options. So if you want to take the three “C” Challenge. “Choice, Challenge, Change”

You can contact me to start you journey today.


DJ Stubbs

Mobile: 0477 STUBBS (788 227)

Email: djcoach@bigpond.comwww.djstubbs.com.au

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DJ Stub2016-02-04_1507bs is a Professional Coach and has a passion for helping people achieve across all facets of life.

DJ has been helping ordinary people do extra-ordinary things since 2001 from the simplest of goals right through to mutli-level promotion and lifestyle changes.

DJ’s driving force behind his motivation is knowing that each day he is making a difference in people’s lives in Personal Training, Life Coaching and Business Mentoring.

Contact DJ to arrange an informal chat about what you are hoping to achieve in your life.

Douglas Kent

Mobile: 0418 586 968

Email: doug@douglasmkent.com

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2016-02-04_1513As a successful CEO and Board Member, Doug brings more than two decades of progressively responsible experience in directing multifaceted organisations. Having tackled national and international roles, his career is testament to his ability to successfully cross boundaries between commercial, not-for-profit, and Government entities.

Doug’s expertise lies in being a chief change agent – focusing on strategic development, the creation of high trust cultures, nurturing empowerment and developing inspirational leaders. He is experienced in strategising solutions to deliver robust visions and enabling strategies that drive performance and achieve success.

Complementing Doug’s ability to provide strong, strategic leadership that empowers others to manage and perform, is a high level of influence that aligns organisations behind their visions to meet their missions and goals. With a proven ability to implement complex and demanding organisational and technological change programs, Doug is also adept at creating transparent, high-trust cultures where everyone brings their hearts and minds to work.

Doug focuses on the big picture, believes in keeping things simple, and enjoys the challenge of constant change.

Doctor of Business Administration – California Coast University

Master of Business Administration – Melbourne University

Diploma of Executive Leadership Coaching – Australian Institute of Executive Coaching

Glenn Ellis – Executive Coaching

Mobile: 0408 069 569

Email: glennellis74@gmail.com

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     – bringing the unusual into balance… “We can travel one step at a time: your step”.

Glenn is a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Executive Coaches and a member of the International Coach Federation.

Although a “new kid on the block” he brings new ideas, different perspectives and plenty of positive energy to the role. He believes that…“positive intentions create positive outcomes. If I am not happy with where I am, I consider that I have had a practice run and forge a new path towards where I want to be”.

What Glenn can do for you:

√ help you focus on your present

√ assist you to identify business and personal skills that may need improving

√ motivate you to investigate your options and seek the best fit solution

√ help you manage the implementation and commitment to your goals

Glenn has acquired his business experience as a:

Trainer and mentor within an accounting practice in regional Queensland assisting remote clients with their online finances and business development,

Trainer of operational teams in state government processes,

Manager of teams on projects to ensure that business processes, financial accountability and timeframes are met, and

Designer and implementer of innovative business process management practices.

Glenn has developed his coaching skills through informal relationships with staff and peers. His experience was gained in hotel administration, travel management, administration and accounting directorships within the metal trades industry, regional tourism management, business process and innovation training, project implementation and general management. Glenn brings sensitivity to your journey through his work in the arts as an actor, director, painter and visual artist.

Contact Glenn to see how you can benefit from his vast experience.

Paula McSporran – Executive & Leadership Coach

Telephone: 0421 976 381

Email: Paula@ThePerformanceInstitute.com.au

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 2016-02-04_1530Paula moved to Queensland in 2012, raised her family here and built up several businesses and investments. Paula understands the demands on the modern woman to meet expectations and standards that are close to Super Woman.

Her personal experiences of working in a high pressured corporate environment, management and sales roles bring valuable insights to her highly driven and career-focussed clients.

A car accident left Paula with the choice of continuing to get everything done before midnight to look elegant and be Miss Efficient the next day. And the choice of learning to delegate (more), ask for help and put herself first to recover from injuries – with the risk of losing the façade.

Paula understands firsthand the challenges and mindset shifts that one experiences going through this (and similar) lifestyle transition/s and uses these experiences plus her learned skills to continually add value to her clients, friends and people she meets.

What type of client’s do you work with? The company can engage our services for key team members [CEO, Executives and/or Managers] or individual approach us directly.

Paula works with clients that are driven, focussed and are looking to reach the next level, the next step up on their plan.

What this means is that you don’t have to have something ‘wrong’ with you before you engage these coaching services, more like you want to be ‘better’. Examples include:

 Building stronger and more influential relationships personally and/or in business

 Gaining an edge over competition for increased performance [results] and sales – understanding your individual story and point of difference

 Identifying and utilising structures, systems and processes for driving results through others. Building team/s performance and outcomes as a direct result

 Connecting to innovative and multiplistic based thinking for increasing the level of choice/s available to the team and business and taking results to the next level

Linking to a relevant mission or purpose to ensure the long term viability, motivation and sustainability of the goals, health of individuals and the business

So that you can:

 Get that raise / promotion / secure your dream client

 Land the highest level of opportunity you currently dream about

 Earn commission and/or generate profit like never before

 Establish or increase the level of performance of your team/s

 Increase your level of influence as a leader

 Present confidently to groups [public speaking]

 Learn the keys of influence, communication and motivation for your own best performance and results as well as how to discover this within your team

Why Choose The Performance Institute and Paula McSporran? The Performance Institute has been helping Executives and Leaders in Business achieve new levels of results in their desired outcomes including profits. They’ve overcome challenges within teams and been able to tap into the rich vein of talent, skills and assets they possess but often don’t know they have.

We are experts in generating fast and sustainable results for clients through our high end Performance Breakthrough Programs, developed over time and are driven by our clients and their results.

Contacting The Performance Institute

To experience the Performance Breakthrough and other Programs offered through The Performance Institute, you’ll be putting yourself on the fast track to greater success. You’ll be more productive, inspired and motivated to take action in all areas of your life. It’s just like having your own personal GPS system navigating you to where you want to go as quickly and directly as possible.

Complete your application form here when you’re ready to take action!

Rita Haitas

Mobile: 0413 995 722

Email: rita@marqueconsult.com.au

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As a qualified senior HR professional, Rita is a certified Executive and Career Coach and holds formal qualifications in Economics, Human Resources and Learning and Development.

Rita has gained her experience and understanding of the various issues surrounding the contemporary workforce, by having worked with some of Australia’s blue chip companies, including Qantas, Australia Post, Bank of Sydney and Sydney Future’s Exchange.

With over 18 years at the highest echelons of HR and Recruitment Management, Rita wanted to bring her specialised talents and hands-on attitude to Marque, Recruitment and HR consultancy that puts people first.

As the Director of Marque Consulting, Rita works with businesses and managers to implement HR programs that are easy to manage and compliment your business objectives to deliver the optimum return on investment whilst ensuring compliance and legal obligations are met.

Marque Consulting’s vision is to partner with organisations and deliver worldclass professional Recruitment, Psychometric Assessment, HR People Solutions & Executive Coaching so that organisations can achieve their goals and optimum potential – through their most valued resource – their People. Marque Consulting has extensive expertise to provide professional solutions in the following areas:

Recruitment across all industries

Executive search

Job profiling & evaluation

Psychometric assessment & evaluations

Coaching for leadership

Coaching for performance

Career development coaching

Facilitated training workshops including development of induction and onboarding programs

Organisational restructure & retrenchment programs

Outplacement services

Rita is also acutely aware that the global economic agenda is driving, the need for transformational change in Australia and has partnered with a number of organisations over her career to improve productivity and flexibility of the Australian workforce in order for these organisation to survive in this age of international competitiveness.

Shanelle Moloney

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2016-02-04_1541Shanelle Moloney has spent her career in senior executive corporate services and human resources roles for organisations such as Collins Foods Group and Allianz Global Assistance, the most recent of which was with The Cover-More Group, an ASX200 organisation.

Shanelle has over 19 years’ HR experience, 14 of which have been serving on senior leadership teams in Australian and Asia Pacific businesses across a range of industries. Her proven consulting specialties include strategy, talent management, leadership development, executive coaching, and change management. She is passionate about the recognition of leadership as a learned skills that requires the right resource investment, and has spent much of her career specialising in this area.

Throughout her career Shanelle has been responsible for the development and execution of group wide people and development strategies in addition to her corporate services portfolio experience managing functions such as project governance and continuous improvement, six sigma functions. Her broad commercial and leadership background ensures she is effective at coaching and developing a variety of leaders at all levels of an organisation, from all technical disciplines.

Shanelle’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Business from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), an MBA from Deakin University in Victoria, a Diploma of Executive Coaching from the Australian Institute of Executive Coaches (AIEC) and is a certified DISC accredited administrator and facilitator.

She has appeared as an industry expert in publications such as AHRI’s HRM magazine, HRD Magazine’s ‘2013 Who’s Who of HR List’, Human Capital Magazine, Shortlist.net and most recently was invited to present at the 2014 AHRI National Convention in Melbourne.

Shanelle is the Managing Director of Moloney Executive Consulting, providing executive coaching and leadership development services so that many other organisations and leaders can avail themselves of her depth of experience in talent management, and leadership development and executive coaching.

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