Tess Hansen writes:

I dove into the Diploma of Life Coaching having had a remarkable and deeply moving experience at a women’s group coaching retreat. I was actually there to assist my partner who is a photographer and was there to take promotional shots. I was then asked to participate in an exercise that led me to see myself, my life and the world more clearly than ever before. I was hooked and looked into courses immediately so I could begin my Life Coach training. I found the course with Australian Institute of Professional Coaches extremely interesting, challenging and rewarding. I’m a highly kinaesthetic person so in order for me to really “get” things, so I can then coach others, I had to dive into each unit physically, mentally and emotionally.  The process of the course has led me to understand that I want to help people with their romantic relationships. I am now set on officially launching my business Wild Love Coaching in the New Year. It has taken me the entire course to have clarity on what I want my business to be and every step has been valuable. I’m very excited to begin the next chapter.

Tess Hansen

Diploma of Life Coaching Graduate