Carol Sutton has graduated with a Diploma of Life Coaching. Here’s what she writes about her journey…

“My journey to life coaching began nearly 4 years ago, but I didn’t find the Institute and the Diploma until late last year.  I had what I thought was a great window of opportunity to help move me to do what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and that was to make a difference to others.  As usual life got in the way but here I am now a year on and while I might not quite be where I thought I would be, I am where I need to be. It is still my aim to work with those people who are finding it hard to enter (or re-enter) society as most people think of it. However, the skills and knowledge that I have acquired during this journey to life coaching has helped me see that I don’t have to have a formal Life Coach’s hat on to make a real difference to the people I meet and have the pleasure to work with.   As an engineer and Chief Operations Officer of a medium sized engineering business, the transition to becoming a Life Coach full time was never going to be straightforward but the support of the team at the AIPC and the strength and depth of the material certainly helped me work thorough what seemed at times to be impenetrable obstacles. So I would like to say to those of you on the journey, enjoy it, and for those of you about to start, don’t wait for all the lights to go green or else you might just miss the view.”

Carol Sutton

Diploma of Life Coaching Graduate